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olafur eliasson…


i did make it to san francisco for the eliasson show at the sfmoma. i love san francisco. such a beautiful city. i also love the moma. the show was quite good, but i do have one recommendation— make sure you go through the exhibit from start to finish… don’t make the same mistake i did (trying to avoid the crowds by going through from back to front). treat it like it is all one piece- and don’t jump around. also. the joseph cornell is amazing. there is a huge amount of work to look at, and you really get a great picture of how this artist shaped the future of art and design.


folkert de jong…


new favorite artist. folkert de jong. dutch. creates figurative sculptures using industrial styrofoam and polyurethane foam. de jong often depicts historical scenes… the one above, however, is based on the harlequin… i just love the texture, color, and richness… the scenes are incredibly theatrical- full of tension, conflict, humor, and insight. check out more pictures through the james cohan gallery website…



colors magazine…


many years and many changes… this magazine has undergone more alterations than any other that i know of. i started reading it over ten years ago, and through the years i have had a love/hate relationship with it. the latest issue was not really of my liking, but it was definitely clever. for those of you who have never read colors, it was started by one of my favorite artists, tibor kalman, and it followed a series of subjects, from birth to shopping, focused primarily on photographs. later they added text and interviews with people around the world asking them about the subjects… this proved to be a fascinating read. it has gone through a period that seems to be over-produced, and less genuine, but it is still innovative in its own way. and so i still spend my money. click this link to learn about the most recent issue… also. they are doing an interesting project about notebooks. the image below is one of the exhibitions that they curated based on people’s notebooks… i might try my hand at this. sounds kind of fun.





i found a new website, american art archives, that i love. love. love. it is an archive of old magazine illustrators- complete with great pictures of their illustrations. the above image is by edwin georgi, who is really amazing. it is a great site for costume designers- or anyone who enjoys looking at beautiful colors and drawings. some of the illustrations really create a story in one’s head. wouldn’t it be great to create a play based on one of these drawings? check out the website for a massive array of artists and pictures— it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the images…




designer pics…


i am always on the lookout for good design pictures… as i have mentioned before, it is not an easy thing to find. sometimes, i go to and look at designer portfolios. these are two designers that i found there today. i like the use of flowers in the first set by natasa stamatari, and i love the use of the lamps in the second image by omar ghayatt. the quality of the images is not that great, but the idea is there. creative use of everyday objects is always inspiring, and i am partial to sets that seem like they don’t cost a lot to get an idea out there.





i love this idea. a couple of months ago i decided to try out this new website, blurb, and it enables you to create your own coffee table book. it is really easy, and the result, for the low price, is quite amazing. i now want to turn everything into book form. you should definitely check it out. it really starts the creative juices flowing…


too many shows… too little time…


i have been a lot absent from the posting world. trying to juggle two shows at one time. exhausting. i did want to recommend this show- valparaiso. it is a totally crazy experience. the design was fun to do, but i definitely would have liked to do a little more… i think that might be the case with everything i design. alas. go see this show for a fun and surreal theatrical evening… it is at the garage theatre. click here for dates and times.





i love to paint stage floors. recently, i was able to check out this stage floor by chuck erven- head of design at Loyola Marymount University- and also an amazing scenic painter. the photo above doesn’t really do justice to the intricacies of this floor- it was all hand painted. my goodness! i am not usually a fan of theatrical paint techniques, but chuck erven does it with the best balance of creativity and technique… oh. the play was “streetcar”…



industrial liquidators…


yes. i have been a little absent. i am in tech week. this means all kinds of crazy schedules, lack of sleep, and clothes covered in paint… it also means shopping for randomness that might just be perfect for last minute set dressing. my favorite place for inspiration is this warehouse/store called industrial liquidators. my favorite art teacher and friend, sharon kagan, brought me to this store a few years ago, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. it is difficult to describe the store in any accurate and descriptive verbage, but just imagine a whole bunch of weird gauges, cabinets full of wires, and the odd assortment of lab equipment… it is a treasure trove of possibilities. i go to the lawndale location, but i noticed on their website that they have other locations in san diego… happy hunting. now i must go get covered in paint!