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lucky charm…


somehow i stumbled across this pretty neato blog- everyday (or almost everyday) it posts an image from an artist and attaches a sentence to the picture. just one sentence. sort of like a daily affirmation to art… anyway. the artists that are showcased are interesting and a lot of them i hadn’t heard of yet- so it is a good place to check out new artists… like this one. tanyth berkeley. oh yeah. the site is called lucky charm.


hennessey & ingalls


the best part about holiday shopping is that it gives me an excuse to go to my favorite bookstore, hennessey and ingalls. many many art books, design books, and tons of eye candy. i always end up in the artist shelves pulling down my favorite artists. in a way it is like pretending i am at a museum. yesterday i spent time engrossed in the books about gerhard richter and rebecca horn. quite opposite artists… well… except they are both very german, and very intriguing, and… well… it was nice to be reminded of them.  i am now trying to imagine if gerhard richter and rebecca horn collaborated- what would the work look like? hmmm…



storm cellar


here’s a really amazing visual metaphor… storm cellar. okay. yes. it is a loaded image. so many different weird entanglements and associations that i am sure i do not have to mention… however. imagining this as a central motif in a play is pretty cool. so i will hold the idea of storm cellars in my reserve- until the perfect project comes. and until then, i would love to see anyone else try to use it. or else maybe my new project is just listing visual metaphors. that might be fun. or it might be silly. alas.