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good design site…


as i have said before- it is really difficult to find good images of set designs- much less good websites showcasing good designers- so i was quite happy when i found this interesting site by designer david zinn. it helps that quite a few of his shows seem to have very big budgets, but a big budget doesn’t always mean a good design… and in this case it does. i really recommend spending a little time looking through the portfolio… very fancy.



vintage broadway…


i receive a lot of postcards for theatre in los angeles… some of them are quite interesting, but most of them begin to look very similar after awhile. this led me to wonder about “theatre” art from way back- so i unearthed some old broadway posters to find lots of interesting material- i mean… borscht capades??? i am now on the lookout for any information regarding such a musical as borscht capades… i am certain i could revive it!


some of the posters contain highly volatile metaphors… while others showcase the romanticism of the theatre. aah.


yes. the glass slipper poster is by calder. anyone familiar with the glass slipper? is it a cinderella re-telling? hmmm… for more old posters check out this site.


robert rauschenberg…


it is true. rauschenberg.

passed away.

and thus.

maybe we should all load our canvas with

paint. coffee grounds. bed clothes. newspapers.

and wish we could be half as good as he was.


there is an interesting article here



and then versailles…


i will end my recent photography obsession with one of my old stand-bys… robert polidori. whenever i want to study detailed spaces, that contain both emotion and meaning, i look to this guy. i recently read this great interview with him from bomb magazine. the article came out last year, but it is worth a read. if you are interested in reading about artists and their process- this article is full of information. the photo above is from the pictures he took at versailles— and below is from his series on north dakota— both of these images represent his earlier work – there is something nice about contrasting the historic and luxurious versailles with an abandoned hotel in north dakota… i guess regardless of the historical impact, each place has its own ghosts.



lori nix…


a model-maker/photographer… she handcrafts these elaborate models and then picks up her camera. and thus. here we have an intimate view of a decayed art museum. as a scenic designer, i understand all the tedium that goes along with making a model, and to be honest, it is not a part of the job that i really love- but i do love looking at what other people can do with tiny pieces of wood. of course. ms. nix is more about the photograph than the actual model. and the photos are full of interesting ideas. there is a great interview with her at cool hunting.


notice the emptiness. what is a theatre without an audience? and how about a library without a reader?



photography. and more photography.


just to get this photography bug out of my system i am going to post three. three photographers in three days. i am not saying these photographers have something in common. they really don’t. but each of them is equally inspiring. thus and so. the first photographer that i am going to post is… marvin e. newman. there is a survey of his work in new york at the silverstein gallery. newman is now 81. i love the color and light that his photography picks up… and i really appreciate the stories that the images conjure up. ooh. quite theatrical.


and alas. the lonely sweeper. ’tis poetry.



anne hardy…


i recently went to the opening of gregory crewdson’s new work at the gagosian. definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. you can view the new work here. the crewdson opening made me want to search out other photographers, and i have found a new favorite… anne hardy. (both of these images are by hardy)


she constructs the sets in her studio, and photographs them. usually starting with an object she found in the street, and elaborating from there, hardy is able to use the camera to illustrate an unfamiliar world… or at least that is how i see it. you might see it differently- but you should look her up. she is having her first show in the states right now at the bellwether gallery in ny… alas. to live in ny.