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amir h. fallah

he is the editor of the magazine, beautiful/decay, which sometimes is neither beautiful nor decayed- alas- there is something intriguing about these structures. i think it is the plexi-glass that really gets me. the suffocation of our interior/exterior worlds… anyway. it is certainly poetic in some abstract sense… even if i can’t put my finger on it. check out his website– and the beautiful/decay site.





something i am working on. it is kind of a fancy long term project with the ghost road company. the oresteia. three parts. shown in many incarnations. the first is showing tonight at lmu. then it will travel to the catskills. to this festival. nacl. and then it will move to this playhouse. it will continue to change. mutate. until eventually all three parts will be shown at the ford. more info on this later. but for now. it is showing for one night at loyola marymount university. 8pm.




pasadena. one colorado. yoko ono. wish trees. go. make a wish. tie it to the tree. info. and even more info.

of interest…when the wish tree installation closes on november 9, all the tags will be placed and buried in special containers at the imagine peace tower off the coast of iceland.