kristine moran.

kristine moran.

And also: I sit on the grass, too, in the shade, but an anxiousness invades my mind as if a thorn is pricking me. And also: Yet I desire nothing, and till now I have had no reason for complaint. And at this point, after sighing deeply, Florita Almada would say that several conclusions could be drawn:

eleanor avery.

eleanor avery

(1) that the thoughts that seize a shepherd can easily gallop away with him because it’s human nature;
(2) that facing boredom head-on was an act of bravery and Benito Juarez had done it too and both had seen terrible things in the face of boredom, things she would rather not recall;
(3) that the poem, now she remembered, was about an Asian shepherd. not a Mexican shepherd, but it made no difference, since shepherds are the same everywhere;
(4) that if it was true that all effort led to a vast abyss, she had two recommendations to begin with, first, not to cheat people, and, second, to treat them properly. Beyond that there was room for discussion.

-roberto bolaño

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