hotel modern…amsterdam.


a friend of mine recently went to amsterdam. he described visiting an “avant garde” theatre where the show consisted of shrimps that were puppets. shrimp puppets. i had to find out more. describing the work as theatre with shrimp puppets really doesn’t do it justice. describing it at all is pretty difficult. needless to say… they describe it this way… In the theatre we create a universe in which the objects, people and sounds deployed are of equal standing. Scale models are of central importance in this universe: they provide an opportunity to view the world, literally, from a macro perspective. okay. they use scale models. they film the action taking place in the scale models and they project the action on a large screen. all in front of a live audience. confused? excited? intrigued? go here for more illuminating fun.


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  1. Sabina Says:

    OK, I have just started puntitg together a new fun educational play room for my four kids which will also double as our home-school room. I have planned for one of the four corners to be a dramatic play area with a puppet theatre, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish this yet. WOW! This would be perfectly fantastic!

  2. Says:

    It’s really great that people are sharing this information.

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