killer joe

A strong asset is the delectably creepy production design. The Garage, a funky black-box facility with guerrilla theatre written all over it, is the perfect venue for this gleefully vile, in-your-face melodrama. This is the sort of kitchen-sink drama in which the sink is coated with scum, the furniture is ragged, junk is piled along the walls, and one can almost smell rotting garbage. Maureen Weiss’ inspired set, Aja Bell’s costumes, and Yammy Swoot’s murky lighting conjure the sleazy milieu that’s so crucial to this piece.

-Les Spindle Backstage West

A killer set design courtesy of Maureen Weiss that blends trailer-park kitchen-sink wretchedness with artsy drama-school flourishes, like the disembodied TVs that dangle from the ceiling.

-Joel Beers OC Weekly

Maureen Weiss’s jerry-rigged set captured the play’s taut coiled tone: electric cords draped over beams like tinsel; a huge planked-over hole punctuated the wall; and a television dangled from the ceiling by a chain. Heck, at least Dust Bowlers bore dignity to their squalor.

-James Scarborough Grunion Gazette