king cat calico finally flies free

A Son of Semele Production
Directed by: Edgar Landa
Written by: Aaron Henne
Lighting Design: Marie Yokoyama
Costumes: Reagan
Sound: Cricket Myers


“Meet sweetly eccentric Heidi K. Hendrickson (the excellent Laura Carson). Heidi faces trial over the 150 cats (60 in the refrigerator) trapped in her 1,100-square-foot apartment- smartly evoked by Maureen Weiss’ yellow-hued set of detritus-stuffed compartments and a newspaper floor.”
– Los Angeles Times

“This production never ceases to engage the imagination, thanks in part to Reagan’s whimsical costumes, while set designers Maureen Weiss and Josh Worth have carved emblematic cubicles and cages around the newspaper-lined stage floor.” -LA Weekly

“The ensemble of cats is deft and fully committed, playing out their captivity on a clever Mondrian-like block of a set by Maureen Weiss.” -Backstage West