Orestes Remembered: The Fury Project

Produced by: Ghost Road Ensemble
Directed by: Katharine Noon
Lighting Design: Dan Weingarten
Costume: Sarah Broyles
Sound: Cricket Myers

Maureen Weiss’ lovely set packages the saga in miniature via a kind of foldout suitcase that embodies the diminished, ramshackle House of Atreus. The characters presume they’re larger than life, that they can take justice into their own hands, while crouching to get through the damn door. Even the gods who drop in for a card game have to suffer through it. It’s very funny.

-Steven Leigh Morris

Maureen Weiss’ witty scenic design — a box that unfolds to reveal tiny playing areas — looks a lot like a marionette theater, a double-edged metaphor that reflects the characters’ manipulation by the gods as well as the dwindling fortunes of the House of Atreus.

-Los Angeles Times